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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 04:52:31 -0500
Subject: Rev. Daniel Hubbard Willis, Sr.

Rev. Daniel Hubbard Willis, Sr.

Rev. Daniel Hubbard Willis, Sr. (b. Dec. 28,1817; d. Mar. 27, 1887)  was my
great-great-grandfather.   He was the son of Agerton Willis and  Sophie
Story Willis and the grandson of Rev. Joseph Willis and Rachel Bradford

He was born on Bayou Boeuf,  in Louisiana.  He  married Anna Slaughter (b.
May 29, 1820 d. Mar.  24, 1876) on March 15, 1838  in La.  Both are buried
at  the Amiable Baptist Church Cemetery near Glenmora, La.  Their children
were: Daniel Hubbard Willis, Jr. (1839-1900), Eliza Willis Flowers
(1842-1901), Mary Jane Willis (b. circa 1845), David Willis (b.  circa
1846), Martha Willis (b. circa 1847), Matthew Willis (1848-1925), Dempsey
Willis (1854-1919), Calvin Willis (1855-1911), and Robert Willis

He was the first of Rev. Joseph Willis' many descendants to follow him into
the ministry. Daniel was called by  W.E. Paxton's in "A History of the
Baptist of Louisiana, from the Earliest Times to the Present" (1888)  "…one
of the most respected ministers in the Louisiana Association."  He
established many churches and was blind the last 22-years of his life.  His
daughter would read the scriptures and he would preach. He was pastor of
Amiable and Spring Hill Baptist Churches for many years.

The Louisiana Association minutes record, in 1856, that:  "Elder D.H. Willis
was a missionary in the Western part of  the Association at the rate of
$400  per year.  Although in ill health he 'traveled 1840 miles, preached 84
sermons, delivered 44 exhortations, visited 115 families, baptized 19,
restored 2, settled one difficulty, started 3 prayer meetings, and one
Sabbath School, preached at 21 different places...'"

He settled on Spring Creek near Long Leaf, La.  at a community called Babb’s
Bridge. His daughter-in-law, Julia Ann Graham Willis,  said he was the best
man she every knew.

Randy Willis