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Subject: Tidbit For Your Library/Kimball/Reeves/Dunman

Howdy from Texas -

Since Doris was kind enough to look up some items for me, I thought this
little bit of history and a name or two might help someone else working
in your Parish. I obtained this from a researcher in Iowa - can you
believe? Anyway, thought it worthwhile to pass on: Surname: KIMBALL

This was found on page 123 from a book (source not named) entitled
Kimball, Andrew Jackson Private 1818-1898. Below is a full
transcription and I can send you a copy of the original if you like.

Transcribed from copy P123 (name of book unknown) given to Barbara Myers

Rainbow by Selma Myers Reddon
My handwriting on side of page: "great grandfather of Hazel Reeves
Williams b 1818 m Nancy Jane Sweat (Sweet) 1845, came to TX 1860's, dau
Cynthia m Martin Reeves 1871"
[Article may have been written by Hazel Reeves Williams]

Kimball, Andrew Jackson Private 1818-1898

Kimball, Andrew Jackson, Private, served under Captain Daniel C. Doughty

of the Refugio Guards of the 29th Brigade of Texas Militia, H. P. Bee
commanding. He enlisted May 4, 1861 and was commissioned October 24,

He re-enlisted August 13, 1863 in Refugio Co. for six months at age 45.
Served again under Captain Doughty in Company B, 3rd Regiment of the
29th Brigade of the Texas State Troops.

Taken from Muster Rolls in Texas State Archives.

Born July 27, 1818 in Rapides Parish, Louisiana, died March 4, 1898 at
Mineral City, Texas, buried at Charco Cemetery, Bee County, Texas.* He
married a widow, Nancy Jane Thompson Sweat (or Sweet) of Donaldsville,
Louisiana. They came to Texas in 1860 with his three brothers and their

families. Their daughter, Cynthia, born April 24, 1850 in Rapides
Parish, Louisiana, was our paternal grandfather who married Martin
eldest son of William Reeves and Sarah Dunman March 2, 1871 in Old St.
Mary's, Aransas County, Texas.

The Kimballs came to this country from their ancestral home in the
vicinity of the ancient city of Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk County,
England. Our early ancestory, Henry Kymball, lived there in 1524, his
great-grandson, also Henry, came to America in 1634 on the ship
Elizabeth, landing in Watertown, Massachusetts. The family removed to
several other states, working their way south to North Carolina and
Louisiana and on into Texas by 1860. The men of the Kimball family have

served their country with honor and pride from the American
Revolutionary war, War of 1812,....
* I think Charco is the same as Sarco Community in Goliad Co.

Thanks again to the volunteers!

Roland Jary
Fort Worth