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McWaters Rangers

Originally formed as "McWaters Rangers"

McWaters' Rangers, CSA. Rapides Parish, Louisiana
Submitted by: Gaytha Carver Thompson
Source: Undated Newspaper Clipping from Melrose Collection NSU.
Louisiana State Courier April 1985; Annette Carpenter Womack, editor


The following is taken from the Louisiana Democrat:
It shows that Rapides parish furnished the Confederacy thirteen companies,
composed of 1,107 officers and men, a greater number we believe, than any other
parish of the State, save and excepting the Parish of Orleans. The bones of a
large majority of these soldiers lie bleaching on every battle field from
Virginia to Texas. Hence, it is meet and proper that the Parish of Rapides
should erect a monument to perpetuate the memory of those who sacrificed their
lives in behalf of the annals of the civilized world.


James A. McWaters, Captain
T. J. Stafford, 1st Lieutenant.
O. L. Chamberlain; 2nd Lieut.
E. T. Lewis, 3rd Lieutenant.

J. G. Armstrong, Lewis Andrews, A. L. Bridges, J. H. Bogguss, James Cobb, E.
E. Dodge, J. G. Davis, J. T. W. Gant, Lewis Frazier, D. T. Hjaworth, O. W.
Hudson, Dempsey Iles, J. C. Irving, J. D. Johnson, E. W. Laird, R. Lacour,
Leon Lacaste, R. A. Murray, J. A. Perkins, J. G. Reidheimer, W. H. Randolph,
H. W. W. Reynolds, J. P. Snelling, Wm. Sneed, J. T. Smith, L. E. Torrey, W. E.
Taylor, W. A. Vestal, Goran Williams, D. W. Williams, H. P. Young, R. E.
Avery, W. W. Amos, A. W. Bean, T. J. Baggett, F. M. Duffel, James Duffel, L.
Edwards, J. Da. A. Fant, Peter Gibney, Stephen Holstein, Robert Hayes, H. M.
Iles, A. G. Johnson, C. S. Kay, L. A. Layssard, Phillip Lacaste, F. E.
McManus, M. S. Neal, D. C. Paul, J. E. Robert, C. D. Robinson, Robert Rector,
B. F. Scott, W. H. Smith, F. L. Thorpe, Nath Tyler, Wm. Vorbles, John A.
Williams, John Wellington, Levi Weeks.
Military: Company "G" 2nd La Cav. Rgt. CSA Rapides Parish la
Submitted by Morgan Edward Johnson (

Originally formed as "McWaters Rangers", this independent
company from Rapides Parish became Company "G" of the 2nd
Louisiana Cavalry Regiment, C.S.A. in 1862. It's captain,
James A. McWaters, became a Lt. Col. in the newly formed
regiment. Ltc. McWaters was killed in action on January 14,
1863, defending the gunboat "Cotton" on Bayou Teche. The
Regiment fought under General Richard Taylor, and covered
his rear during the retreat from Southwest Louisiana, and
was his vanguard when he went back into the area. The Regiment
fought dismounted at the Battle of Mansfield.

The commander of Company G was Thomas J. Stafford, who resigned
on April 28, 1865, just before final surrender. For the last
few weeks of the War, the company was commanded by E.T. Lewis.
[See: Guide to Louisiana Confederate Military Units; 1861-1865;
By: Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr.; L.S.U. Press; Baton Rouge, La. (1989)
pp. 41-43]. From the alphabetical listing contained in Records
of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers & Confederate Commands; By:
Andrew B. Booth; New Orleans, La. (1920), the following is a
compilation of Company G's Rapides Parish troopers:

Baggett, Thomas J.
Burgess, B.B. 1st Sgt.                                 
Burgess, L.A. Pvt.                                        Lassard, L.A. Pvt.(Also: Layssard)
Butler, E.O. Pvt.                                           Lokey, J.P. Pvt.
Calvit, W.N. Pvt.                                          Marler (Mahlur), S. Pvt.
Cannon, J.G. Pvt.                                          Marshall, H. Pvt.
Cannon, N.T. Pvt.                                         Mentiorn, T. Pvt.
Cannon, S.T. Pvt.                                          Mustain, T. Pvt.
Daffel, F.M. Pvt.                                            McWaters, L. Pvt.
Daffel, J.P. Pvt. (Duffel, James P.?)                Neal, M.S. Corpl.
Davidson, M. Pvt.                                          Rector, Robert Pvt.
Davis, John F. Pvt.                                         Register, C. Pvt.
Deralcourt, ??? Pvt.                                       Robinson, C.L. Pvt.
Dodge, E.E. Pvt.                                            Rogen, H. Pvt.
Dorsett, O. Pvt.                                              Rogers, H. Pvt.
Duffel (Doffel), Fell M. Corpl.                         Rogester, C. Pvt.
Duffel, James P. Pvt.                                       Scott, B.F. Sgt.
Edmond, L. 1st Corpl.                                    Simmes, E.R. Pvt.
Edwards, L. Pvt.                                             Snelling, J.P. Sgt.
Fant, John T.W. Pvt.                                       Stevens, J.N. Pvt.
Harvey, T.J. Pvt.                                             Stickles, S.N. Pvt.
Hebert, Edward Pvt.                                       Strother, J.T. Pvt.
Hickman, T. Pvt.                                             Strother, S.F. Pvt.
Holston, S., Jr. Pvt (also Holstien)                   Tanner, S. Pvt.
Hudson, A.W. Pvt                                          Taylor, W.E. Pvt.
Iles, Dempsey Sgt.                                          Texada, T. Pvt.
Iles, H.W. Pvt.                                                Thorpe, F.L. Pvt.
Johnson, A.G. Sgt.                                          Tindle(Tindol), F. Pvt.
Johnson, C.L. Pvt.                                           Torrey, L.E. Pvt.
Johnson, F.B. Pvt.                                           Towey, L.E. Pvt.
Johnson, J.D. Sgt.                                            Tyler, F.M. Pvt.
Kay, S.H. Pvt.                                                 Tyler, Nath. Pvt.
Lacaste, B. Pvt.                                               Vestal, W.A. Pvt.
Lacaste, Lezime Pvt.                                        Voorhies, G.T. Pvt.
Lacaste, P. Pvt.                                                Voorhies, William Sgt.
Lackie, Thomas L. Pvt. (Leckie)                       Weems, C. C. Corpl.
Laird, E.W. Pvt.                                               Weems, E. Pvt.
Laird, John Pvt.                                                Williams, D.W. Pvt.
Land, John Pvt.
Lassard, A. Pvt. (Layssard)                


War Reports

These reports were provided by Mark Baggett, of Poplarville, Mississippi,  His ancestor, Thomas J. Baggett, was in this company.  Sources used:   Booth, Andrew B., Record of La. Confederate Soldiers and La. Confederate Commanders, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1920,  Volumes I, II, and III; and The War of the Rebellion, a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies. Prepared under the direction of the Secretary of War, by Robert N. Scott, Washington, Govt. Print. Office, 1880-1900.

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