Hot Wells Health Resort

When in Alexandria area, be sure to make your arrangements to visit the Hot Wells Health Resort. In 1913, an oil worker noticed hot water gushing from a drilling hole and casually washed his hands in it. Because it felt good, he continued doing this for several days and then noticed that a persistent rash on his hands was no longer there. From that beginning, word got around and thousands have taken the "cure" on its healing waters during the past half century.

A syndicate bought the rights to the hot mineral springs and built a health spa there soon after its discovery. In 1921, it changed hands and was operated successfully until the depression hit.

In 1936, the state of Louisiana stepped in to save the formerly fashionable spa from obscurity but it was not until eight years later that the legislature voted money for additional drilling and improvement.

The Rapides Parish Jaycees leased the wells for three years, and put much money and effort into it promotion, but gave it up when their lease expired. Control went back to the state.

Administrative control of the spa has been with the Rapides Parish Jaycees, the state, and the parish, and is now under the supervision of the State of Louisiana. Improvements are being made, the facility is being "pushed" by local and state tourist organizations, and the spa has shown a phenomenal increase in visitors with the past years.

The resort features modern motel rooms, restaurants, and a swimming pool in addition to the bath house with its steam rooms and a camping area for the campers.

The waters, containing two pounds of minerals to a gallon of water, bubbling out of the ground from 2,800 feet below the surface at 116 degrees and is then piped up the hill to the bath house.

What an exciting place to visit and without the expense of traveling to Arkansas to experience the same thing!!

( Histories of Louisiana Fairs, Festivals, and Historical Places , Book 2, compiled by Ellen Wilson Lytle, 1994, Deridder, Louisiana).