Rapides Parish Non-Surname Queries

Winn Parish War for Southern Independence
Gregg Davies Jan 24 1997
For several years I have been putting together for eventual publication a roster of the men and boys from WINN PARISH, LA who served in the War For Southern Independence, also referred to as The Civil War. Winn Parish was created partially from Rapides, and many Winn soldiers eventually settled Rapides after the war. I am interested in any names, information, family history, etc., concerning these men. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Coventry Church Cemetery
Becky Roberts Mon Jul 19 19:12:02 1999
I am looking for someone who has access to a cemetery called Coventry Church Cemetery near Alexandria. Looking for the grave on Earl Prather.

Texada Clinic
Paula Dowden DATE: Wed Apr 14 20:03:10 1999
I am searching for 2 pieces of information out of Rapides Parish. #1: Can anyone tell me where the Texada Clinic was physically located in Alexandria, Louisiana during the year 1944? #2: Does anyone have knowledge of C.W.Etheredge? He was probably in his late 20's, early 30's in 1936. You know any information would be greatly appreciated.

State Colony and Training School
Cindy Adams Wed Dec 2 07:54:41 1998
State Colony and Training School; am seeking information on this school/detention center. My husband's uncle was placed there in May of 1930. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Old Sparta, Rapides Parish, Louisiana
Nancy Schoonmaker Tue Dec 22 14:50:46 1998
My ggrandmother was born 14 Feb. 1859 at Old Sparta, Rapides Par. I cannot find Old Sparta on the Rapides place listing. Does anyone know where it was?

Red River Pilots Benevolent Association
Bob Peyton Sat Aug 1 12:29:50 1998
I have ancestors that belonged to the RED RIVER PILOTS BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION in the eighteen hundreds. Does anyone have any info on this group?

Home for Girls in Alexandria
Debbie Dunford Tue Aug 11 18:16:16 1998
I am trying to find some information on a Home for Girls in Alexandria. My mother-in-law was there for a few years in the 1930's. I would like to know if records are still available.

GOLDEN PRIDE TEMPLE No. 1560 MTOFA Alexandria, La.
Bob Sullivan Tue Oct 6 11:09:27 1998
My hobby is hunting for Civil War relics with a metal detector and the other day I found a stamp similar to one that a notary would use. On the face of the stamp is the following information:
GOLDEN PRIDE TEMPLE No. 1560 MTOFA Alexandria, La.
Organized Nov. 4, 1920
The stamp also has what looks to be crossed shepherd's staffs with the number 3 over them and the number 2 under with a "V" on each side.
Any help that I can get on what the Golden Pride Temple was would be greatly appreciated. Bob

Hospital or Institution in Pineville, La 1919-1922
Barbara Welch Sat Oct 17 19:14:05 1998
Searching for information on a hospital or institution located in Pineville, La during the years of 1919 to 1922. It was probably called Pineville. We have a death certificate from that time and would like to see if we can locate records.