New Hope Baptist Church Photos - 1973

Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 11:05:44 EDT
Subject: New Hope Baptist
To: (Morgan Edward Johnson)
Hi Morgan!

This morning I transcribed photo captions from the church history. I don't know if you might want to keep it on reference or abbreviate for your web site. I thought it would save people time, knowing who is photographed.

Rhonda Jordan


New Hope Baptist Church

photos in 1973 centennial history

Rev. and Albert Lee Gaspard and children Johnny Wade and Jerilyn

Deacons in Service: J.C. Dousay, J.W. Robinson, Willard Cudd, J.L. Stokes,

and Dewey G. Dousay

Michael Wayne Parker (baby picture) and Mrs. Parker

Women's Missionary Union candids: (Mrs.) Hallie Cudd, (Mrs.) Euna Crawford,

Alma Crawford, (Mrs.) Maggie Sanderson, Gladys NesSmith, Sadie Barton

V.B.S. Principal Margaret Cloud

>From the 1950s:

Mr. & Mrs. John Sanderson, Mr. & Mrs. W.F. Cudd, Glenda and Carolyn Ray,

Edith Kennedy, Linda Dousay, Katie Bass, Linda Barton, and Milly [Acres?]

1920s class photo from New Hope Community School (unnamed)

1906 or 1908 class photo from New Hope Community School (unnamed)

Calcasieu Community Improvement Association:

Mr. Jesse Boyd, Jewell Stokes, Mrs. Boyd, Mr. Clyde Cannady, Baby Gregg Burns

(in Cannady's arms), Mrs. Anna Burns, Mrs. Lizzie Bonnette, Mrs. Virginia

Vermaelen, Mrs. Lucinda Sanderson, Mr. W.C. Bonnette, Joe C. Melder, Mr.

Riley Sanderson, and Mrs. Ella Gunter.

Mr. Jesse Boyd, Sr. ("Deacon, Song Leader, and Outstanding Church Leader")

vintage photos: Lumber train engine, "Ovead Kennedy's daddy" with an

oxen-pulled load of lumber, Jim Bonnette and Tom Hilton in a 2-horse wagon

("in the early years of our church, we had to walk or ride by horseback or

wagon"), J.C. Dousay and horse.

John, Ella, and Inez Sanderson

Mollie Dousay

Unnamed family in 2-horse buggy

Mr. and Mrs. F. Van Melder

Unnamed family in vintage automobile

Mr. And Mrs. Henry Sanderson ("Mr. Henry is a former deacon")

Rev. J.H. Dousay ("a former pastor")

Mrs. Hulda Sanderson

Mr. Harvey Teekel and his wife, Ada.

Mrs. Arbelle Bass and Mrs. Maggie Sanderson

Miss Edith Mashall and Mr. L. Brooks posing with vintage auto

"Three of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sanderson's children"

Mr. Matt Townley, Mr. Clint Townley, Mr. Alvin Sanderson

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gunter with Watson, Murrell and Hallie

Miss Levert Harrison

Mr. Jesse Ray, Miss Minnie Goodman, Henry Dousay, Miss Levert Harrison

Murrell, Watson, Maggie and Ella Gunter

Willard Cudd

Lewis Bass and Bertha Harrison

Baptism in the Calcasieu River just below the Strother Crossing, ca. 1922

"""""""""""""""""""""""", 1920s

Vintage hearse from the Andries Funeral Home in Glenmora ("It made several

trips to New Hope Cemetery many years ago")

Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Hebert ("Mr. Hebert was a deacon")

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie M. Stokes

Mrs. Jesse Boyd, Sr.


Mr. Jesse Welch and Miss Irma Aikens, shortly after their marriage

Mr. Jack Monk and Miss Bessie Neale, shortly before their marriage


Sant Brady [Braddy] and grand-daughter Martha Lee Kemp

Cordie Barton O'Neal

W.C. Barton, Huey Barton, Murrell Barton

Wesley and Lucy Wright

Booster Wright, Pete Stokes

W.R. Buck Barton, Delia Kemp Barton, Edith Barton, Murrell Barton

Carl Barton

Grady Hayes

Hazel Wright Barton, Blanche Wright Barton

Sant Brady, Elijah Kemp, Wyatt Kemp, Martha Brady Kemp, Martha Lee Kemp

John Dousay Family

Myrtle, Ruby, Bessie, and J.C. Dousay

Charlie and Elsie Townley

Robert, Martha Ann, Charlie, Milburn, Martin, Omer, Ed, Tena, Audie, and

Pearl Townley

Guy Dousay

Henry and Viola Sanderson

Elbert Myers

Floyd Sanderson

Elby Teekell

Blanche Wright

Harvey, Chesley, and Jesse Teekell

Dave NesSmith, Blanche Wright, Hazel Wright, and Leonard Wright

Jewell Townley

Laura Neale, 1909

Earl Dyer and John Dousay

Offie and Nicie Welch

Laura and Montiville Townley

Mr. John Henry Townley and Family -- Grandpa, Grandma, Willie, Nannie, Frank,

Joe, Robert, Mountiville, Louiesier, Johnny, Henry, Mary, and Mattie

Mrs. Olla Bass, Mrs. Ollie Morris, Mrs. Laura Townley, and Mrs. Rachal Dyess

Artis and William Crawford

Delia Barton

Milum Hebert

Elam and Maggie Stokes

Eula and Cordie Barton

Bro. Jesse Boyd, Bro. Willard Cudd

Bro. F. Van Melder and his mule

Bro. F. Van Melder, Jimmy and Mrs. Melder

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Welch, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Wright

John Henry Townley home, about 1905. (typical of community)

Charlie, John, Martin, Milburn, Omer, and Ed Townley

Chesley, Lozie Teekell, Mrs. Poag, Wilburn & Haden Poag, Elby & Marjorie


Ethel, Jewell and Mildred Goodman

Ophelia Kemp Barton

F. Van Melder ("former deacon and leader")

Clint and Lula Bass (""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""")

Annie Stokes, Fern Cudd, Pearl Stokes, Vertie Stokes, Chib Cudd, Roert

Showes, W.C. Collie Barton, Shelby Teekell, and Charlie Cudd

Rev. S.M. Stokes

Derald Stokes

Mrs. Mary Hebert

Mr. J.M. Stokes, Mr. C.M. Stokes

Mr. Jim Dyess and his horse

Mr. Howard and Myrtle Wright

Robert Mayfield Barton

Charlie and Adline Welch

Mr. Mitchell and Mary Melder ("This car is a Littel, about 1909)

Mr. W.R. (Buck) Barton

Mr. Riley Bass

Mrs. Olla Bass ("presently 84 years of age")

Mrs. Bessie Monk ("former Church Clerk")

Mr. L.C. Crawford, Mrs. Alma, Artis and William Crawford ("Mrs. Crawford is

a former Church Clerk")

Perla Mae Evans

Uncle Jerry Bass

Jacob Lewis Crawford

Alice Neal Crawford

Elijah Kemp

Mary Jane Welch, Martha Ann Townley, Tina, Gene, and Paul Lafayette

Hiram Brownlee

Mr. Matt. Townley and Wife

Riley Bass and Olla Bass

Artis Crawford

Alice Crawford

Mr. Jim M. Stokes

Mrs. Rachal Dyess

Mrs. Mandy Williams

Mrs. Mary Townley

Mrs. Bessie Mond, Rusty, and Mrs. Olla Bass

Mrs. Lora Dousay

Mr. and Mrs. Riley Bass

Mr. Jim Bounds

Ophelia, Carrie, and Delia Kemp

Dewey Dousay

Alice Crawford

M.S. McClendon and W.F. Cudd

Mr. James Robinson

MIZPAH BOYS HOME -- A Work of Faith and A Labor of Love

Rev. Edward R. Smith and Mrs. Billie Smith, founders and directors of the home

Former and present sites of home, 3 group shots of the boys (I assume in 1973)


Four former pastors, the first is Rev. Mike Smith. Circa 1800s or early 1900s

Rev. A.J. Baggette, circa 1900

Rev. J.B. Herndon, "held the revival the year of the fire." Not sure if he

is the "B.Herndon" who was pastor in 1936.

Rev. Charlie Miers and Mrs. Miers ("presently pastor of Hopewell")

Rev. Leon Williamson ("presently pastor at Palestine")

Rev. S.J. Quarles

Rev. Henry Dousay

Rev. and Mrs. Thermon Williams

Rev. and Mrs. Raymond Parker

Rev. Alfred O'Bannion

Rev. Carl Day

Rev. Harold Dunn

Rev. J.R. Miller

Rev. Guy Allen

Rev. A.L. Gaspard ("present pastor")