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BRADFORD, GROGAN, SMITH posted by Aubrey Hayden on Wednesday, February 5, 1997

I am looking for any information on James A. BRADFORD. I am trying to research his military record in the Confederate States Army. Booths records have him listed as Private James A. BRADFORD, Co.__, Reserve Corps, Louisiana. He was under the command of a Col. GROGAN. Surrendered by E. Kirby SMITH at New Orleans May 26, 1865. He lived in Rapides Parish.

BEAUREGARD posted by Jonathon Beauregard on Thursday, February 6, 1997

Looking for information on George Washington BEAUREGARD Born july 4 1910 Died may 1972 He lived in Shreveport,La but I belive he came from Rapides parish. One of his sons is Robert Wayne BEAUREGARD which is my father.

WARE, WILLIS posted by Ron Ware on Saturday, February 8, 1997

I am looking for information about my grandfather, Douglas WARE. Douglas was killed as a result of a timber cutting accident near Oakdale, Louisiana in 1926. Douglas was the husband of Nettie WILLIS and the father Dennis James WARE. Any information you could provide about Douglas and his family or the circustances of his death would be appreciated. Thank you.

HONEYCUT, HONEYCUTT, HUNEYCUTT, HUNNICUTT posted by Bill Hines on Sunday, February 9, 1997

HONEYCUT, HONEYCUTT, HUNEYCUTT, HUNNICUTT et al. Sharing information regarding persons with this surname throughout the United States...anytime, any place, any reason. Particularly interested in the families of Eliza, John, and R. R. HONEYCUTT, all of whom were heads of households, and residing in Alexandria in the 1860 Census of Rapides Parish, Louisiana. I am anxious to share information regarding these individuals, as well as any other persons with this surname.

KIRKPATRICK, PIERCE posted by Jane Kirkpatrick Wall on Monday, February 10, 1997

Would like to exchange information on the KIRKPATRICK family. My grandparents were Rollie Crittenden KIRKPATRICK (d. 1940) and Jane Minerva PIERCE (d. 1931), who lived in Boyce.

CLOUD, WILLIS, WILLISE posted by Greg Treece on Tuesday, February 11, 1997

I am interested in finding any information along my mom's lineage. Her parents are Eunice WILLISE and Benson CLOUD Sr. Benson's parents were Rosena WILLIS and Cage Columbus CLOUD. Eunice's parents were Marilla CLOUD and Lonza WILLIS. Rosena's parents were Mary and James WILLIS. Cage's parents were Vicia and Walter CLOUD. This is all from family talk so far; no real confirmations have been obtained yet, so some of this may be wrong. Thanks for any help.

GREENWOOD, MAYER posted by John Willard Barron on Friday, February 14, 1997

Looking for information on Henry GREENWOOD from Pineville. He was married to Lucyinda ?. He had a son, Coleman GREENWOOD who later lived in Lake Charles. Coleman married Florence MAYER, dau. of Bernard MAYER. Henry was shown in the 1860 census as a merchantile store owner. It is beleived that he died in 1863 - 1865. Would like to find name of wife, parents for Henry, and as much data on the family as is available.

SANDERS, TATUM posted by Jimmy Earl Cooley on Monday, February 17, 1997

SANDERS --- Searching for any information on the following, especially date of death. Marshal Augustus SANDERS b. Dec. 18, 1869, d.. ?????? Edna Amensa (Sanders) TATUM b. Apr. 7, 1872, d ????? Marshal and Edna were brother and sister. Believed to have lived in north Louisiana. In my search I have heard Alexandria mentioned as a possibility.

BARBAY, CARTER, MEYERER posted by Aubrey LeBlanc on Monday, February 24, 1997

Looking for birth date/place and parents of Ephraim CARTER born about 1870 ?Alexandria married Leona BARBAY after 1896. Known to have one son for sure, Clyde Campbell CARTER born 8 Oct 1907 New Orleans died 19 Dec 1959 married 21 Mar 1932 Louisa Mary MEYERER Any help will be appreciated.

JOHNSON posted by Kimm Antell on Tuesday, March 4, 1997

I am searching for any information about William J. (possibly Jasper) JOHNSON and his wife Adaline. Adaline was born in Louisiana and married William who was born in Georgia. They had several children. Their first child's name was Caldonia and she was also born in Louisiana.

CARTER, MCLAUGHLIN posted by Delia McLaughlin on Saturday, March 8, 1997

I am searching for information on my husband's grandparent's, Noah Lee MCLAUGHLIN and Onie Mae CARTER MCLAUGHLIN. Both died in the late 60's I believe and lived for awhile at Central State Hospital in Alexandria as well as in Monroe. They were both deaf-mutes and had 3 sons, Billy, Harry and Bobby. If anyone has any information on this family, please contact me at thomasm@iamerica.net.

SNODDY posted by Carol Snoddy Byler on Friday, March 14, 1997

Looking for information on Andrew SNODDY who was listed in the 1810 U.S. census in Rapides Parish, LA. Also, any information on William SNODDY. Thanks.

RIALS, STARK posted by Shari on Saturday, March 22, 1997

Looking for anyone researching the RIALS family in Rapides Parish. I have info to share, most of which is on my web site (www.hypertree.com). I am especially interested in the STARK family affiliated with the RIALS. Mary E. STARK married Anderson Franklin RIALS in St. Landry Parish in 1888. They apparently lived in Rapides Parish and this is where Mary probably died in 1895. Looking (desperately!) for information on where Mary is buried and anything about her STARK relatives. All help appreciated.

BARKER, HOWELL, JUROSKA, LETRELL, LORENE, MARTIN posted by Teresa or Timm Martin on Monday, March 24, 1997

I am looking for any information on Jesse E. MARTIN and his wife Ola Ballard MARTIN. They live in Rapides Parish on a farm 8 to 10 miles SE of Flatwoods La. and their mailing address was in Lena La. This would have been in the 1920's-1930's. They had 4 children. Curly (Mac), Alvin B., Melba, and James Duane (J.D.) MARTIN. Jesse's brothers and sisters names were Mamie Martin possibly married a BARKER, Allen MARTIN, owned a store in Rapides Parrish, Missouri MARTIN possibly married a LETRELL, "Woody" MARTIN and "Babe" MARTIN. They all lived in Rapides Parish and some descendents still may live in the area. Jesse's children James D. Married in Houston, TX. to Louise JUROSKA, Melba married a HOWELL in La., A.B. MARTIN married LORENE? This is all the info I have.

KORN, ROTHROCK, WHITE posted by Richard Korn on Tuesday, March 25, 1997

I am looking for information on my G.Grandfather, Joshua KORN, who shows up in the LA 1860 census, Rapides Parish. He was living with his wife Susan ROTHROCK (fr.MD), four children and a laborer. He was 57 years old at that time and reported as a blacksmith. The children were: Jane, age 21; Felicia(sp), age 18; Joshua, age 14 (he is my Grandfather); Louisiana or Susanna, age 9. In the next census (1870) they are in Grant Parish. The ones listed are Jane, Joshua, Loucinda(sp), Felicia, and Catherine (age 1), who I presume is the child of Felicia KORN (WHITE?). Any information or leads would be appreciated.

CARTER, GIBSON posted by Vernon Yellott on Saturday, March 29, 1997

Where is Lavina CARTER GIBSON buried?

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