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FRANK, GOSSETT, INAZE, MCKINESY, PRICE, TYBER posted by Carolynn Roberts on Monday, June 9, 2003

Price John FRANK born 1854 married Mary Zerldry TYBER born 1856.children 1.Marus 1877 La.2.Travill 18778 La.3.Ella 1880.4 Curtis 1883 La.5 Eliga 1886 La.6 Minnie1889 La. 7 Lillian 1891 La.8 John Frank Jr. 1895 La. 9 Ethal 1889 La. Minnie is my grand mother. John F. Jr. married Zephra INAZE had 3 children .J.T. Price Arther, James. Ethal PRICE married MCKINESY. This is all I know any info would help . thanks have a happy new year. p.s. Minnie married Alvis E. GOSSETT lived in monroe.

JOHNSON, THORNTON posted by Linda Germana on Monday, June 9, 2003

I need information on Alice Stalsvey THORNTON. She was the daughter of Stalsvey THORNTON. She was married to Napoleon Bonaparte JOHNSON (resident of Vernon P.) on Dec 13, 1864 in Alexandria.

GASS, MCDADE, SMITH posted by M McDade Dunklin on Friday, June 13, 2003

Fannie GASS (b.10/30/1885 - d 1/30/1952 Alexandria, Rapides Parish, LA) married B N SMITH. She is the daughter of William Thomas GASS and Exer Maud MCDADE. Can anyone provide details for Mr. Smith? Does anyone have burial information for this family?

GRISSOM, MONROE, POWELL, THOMASSEE, TOMESEE posted by Joy Coleman on Sunday, June 15, 2003

Julia THOMASSEE/TOMESEE married John POWELL on 1868 in Rapides. She raised her nephew- James MONROE. Looking for any info on MONROE. Family relates that James MONROE married Alma GRISSOM, dau of Claiborne GRISSOM. Unconfirmed family story states Alma's first born was dau of Milton POWELL- Julia Thomassee Powell's son. Any info on the POWELL, COLEMAN, GRISSOM, COUCH, THOMASSEE, MONROE, GILBERT families of Rapides- Hemphill, Hineston, Boyce, Gardner area would be appreciated.

CATER posted by John Caskey on Friday, June 27, 2003

A John Chain CATER is buried in Alexandria National Cemetery. He was born September 19, 1886 and died April 26, 1951. I believe him to be the son of my ancestral cousin, John Chain CATER, Sr. This family was originally from the Pensacola, Florida area. Some member of this line provided information to some family researchers in the early part of the twentieth century. I hope that John Chain Cater's descendants may have some family Bible or some other kind of family record. Thanks for any assitance you may be able to provide.

BIRNEY, BURNEY posted by Shirley on Monday, July 7, 2003

Looking for any information on John BURNEY/BIRNEY, who was in the Rapides area from the mid-1790's until his death--which we believe was in the early 1800's. John Burney, according to family lore was a legislator from Rapides, who was murdered by an enslaved servant. Are there any Rapides Poste records available in the Alexandria area are were all records destroyed in 1864?

FLINT, LUNENBURG, MCWATERS, PICKENS posted by Suellen Armitage Eyre on Sunday, July 13, 2003

A list of sugar plantations in Louisiana is found in New Orleans Genesis, V 3, #10, March 1964. A list shows:
" LUNENBURG Platation, MCWATERS & FLINT, 1852-1853; Rapides, Bayou Robert - R.R.; R.S"
"Lunenburg, MCWATERS, J.A.; Bayou Robert, R.R., R.S., Rapides 1850-1852."
"Lunenburg, Bayou Robert, R.R.; R.S.; PICKENS, John O., 1858-1859, Rapides"
"Lunenburg, Bayou Robert R.R., R.S., MCWATERS, J.A., 1853-1858, Rapides"
"Lunenburg, PICKENS, John O., Bayou Boeuf, Rapides, 1858-1859"
Can anyone explain this? (R.R. & R.S., etc) Where was Lunenburg exactly?
Do the names refer to the owners? If so, why are there several different names? I am especially interested in J.A. MCWATERS.

COBB, LITTLETON, REED, SAYES, SCAGGS posted by Brenda J. Manning on Monday, July 14, 2003

I am searching for any descendents of the above families who resided in Rapides and Avoyelles Parrishes. Robert REED b.ca. 1835 md. Mary Anne SAYES b. ca. 1840 md in 1867. I need the parentage of Robert REED and the death date of Mary Anne Sayes Reed. One of their sons; Louis R. Reed is my grandfather. He married Jane LITTLETON @ 1901-1904; had 2 daughters that are known. He remarried to either an Effie SCAGGS of Texas, or a Dolly COBB of Caddo Par. and had additional children.


Hi i'm trying to find out anything I can from these familys. This is what I know on each one. George LITTLETON married Ida Estlle MADDOX this is some of their children Winston Ervin MILLER born August 08, 1912 died July 04, 1993 buried at Greenwood Memorial Park, George Edwin Miller,William Henry Miller still living in Shreveport, Nettie Rosell Miller also buried in Greenwood, Sybil Miller married man last name KENEVICH I was told live in Demon,Iowa, theres one grandma dont remember name and then Edwin. On the Guilliams and Nugent family. Claude William GUILLIAMS was born March 01, 1982 and died May 11, 1976 buried at pleasant grove cementery he married a Eva Florence NUGENT born December 04, 1902 and died December 18, 1987 buried at same place. I know that there children are Wilbur Clyde Guilliams who married Ava Jane GRANT, Helen Nugent married a COLGLAZIER lives in Alexandria La,Evelyn Nugent married Hugh JONES was told that she lives in Orange Texas, Marie Nugent married last name NUTT told lives in Alexandria La, Jarald NUGENT, Douglas NUGENT buried at pleasant grove cemetery. I only have dates on Wilbur and Ava. On the JOHNSON, HARRIET or HARRETT, BALLARD. I know that Johnnie Lawerance JOHNSON I have dates but do not know if they are right Born April 14, 1893 and died February 1981 he owned or ran a hamburger stand i think Oakdale,La was know for the best hamburgers. He married Gertrude HARRETT born March 01, 1903 and died May 17, 1991. Was told that Johnnie Lawerance JOHNSON dad was killed when a tree fail on him no one knows his name but he married a Ellen dont know last name but she married a Felix BALLARD. Johnnie Lawerance JOHNSON brothers were Clarence BALLARD, Wesley JOHNSON. All I was told was Gertrude HARRETT or HARRIET parents are Rosie OCONNER and George HARRETT. I dont know if true but was told George HARRETT killed a man in Texas at a Diary. Gertrude has 4 brothers dont know there names and 3 sisters Jessie HARRETT married Tony LASLLE not sure if spelled right. Juanita HARRETT was told her husband burned on a ship in New York, Janie HARRETT married Leo VIALLAON not sure if spelled right said he was from cubin. Was told some of the family buried in Beaumont Texas they moved a round alot but lived around Oakdale and Oberlin Louisiana. Grant, Hale, Knox. I know that Poys A. GRANT born July 22, 1858 and Died May 20, 1906 buried in Bethel Cementery, Married Sallie V. FUTRELL on November 15, 1882 she was born December 23, 1861, died March 07, 1929 also buried at Bethel. They had the following Children. Mary E. GRANT (1883-1965)married George Elbert SMITH had 11 children. Oscar GRANT born July 10, 1885 and died October 1885. Victoria (Vicky) GRANT born May 28, 1887 died June 13, 1973 never married. Matthew GRANT born December 25, 1891 died February 1892. Ezra Andrew GRANT married Miss Belle FULLER july 03, 1910, James (Coot) Luther GRANT born January 11, 1893 died December 09, 1975 buried at Bethel married Zennie HALEON Janueary 20, 1920. George W. GRANT married Eva CORBETT. Angie GRANT married Crawford PARKER. Porter Lee (Buddy) GRANT born sept 04, 1901 died nov 10, 1946, Henry GRANT married Corrie HATTAWAY. On Hale side I know that John Thomas HALE born January 08, 1852 died February 05, 1915 married to Frances Elizabeth Jane KNOX born April 24, 1854 and Died May 04, 1935. They had the following kids William Thomas HALE born sept 23, 1876 married Estella WHITE, Molisse Eula HALE born sept 02, 1878 died march 1936 Bastrop, Morchouse Parish La married a William BRYAN, Edward E. HALE born February 27, 1880, Alvin N. HALE born March 11, 1882, Janie Nancie HALE born December 28, 1886 married John R. HEBERT, Christian Lathie HALE born March 18, 1888, Louis Howard HALE born February 18, 1891, Hugh Miles HALE born April 04, 1892 married Nettie LASYONE, Lonnie Lee HALE born January 31, 1895 died September 04, 1987 married Iva Lee SMITH, Mary L, HALE born June 25, 1897 and died July 24, 1980 buried in Grant Parish, Zennie Ethal HALE born September 08, 1900 born in Colfax, la and died October 03, 1994 buried at bethel. On my earlier post I have HARRIET OR HARRETT for surnames, I just received my great grandparents death certificate and it has it spelled HARROTT OR HARRIOTT. I also found out that Johnnie Lawrence JOHNSON father is Emile JOHNSON and his mother is Ellen WOODARD who married Felix BALLARD and Ellen and Felix is buried at Oakdale Cemetery, Allen Parish, Louisiana. Thank you for your time and help. Belinda

KING, ROBERTSON posted by Martel Ardoin on Saturday, July 26, 2003

I am doing research on my wife's KING family. Any information on Albert KING who resided in Rapides Parish with wife Mary Jane ROBERTSON and is buried at Science Hill Cemetary near Glenmora will be greatly appreciated. The 1880 Vernon Parish census showed the family living in that parish. The census reveals that Albert was born in Louisiana while his father was from England and mother was from Georgia. Albert married Mary in 1861 in Jefferson, Mississippi.

KING, ROBERTSON posted by Martel Ardoin on Saturday, July 26, 2003

I am doing research on my wife's KING family. Any information on Albert KING who resided in Rapides Parish with wife Mary Jane ROBERTSON and is buried at Science Hill Cemetary near Glenmora will be greatly appreciated. The 1880 Vernon Parish census showed the family living in that parish. The census reveals that Albert was born in Louisiana while his father was from England and mother was from Georgia. Albert married Mary in 1861 in Jefferson, Mississippi.

KIMBALL, SWEAT posted by Denzil Sweat on Monday, July 28, 2003

Iam looking for information aboutthe KIMBALL family lisredin the 1850 census of Rapides Parrish. There was a Thomas SWEAT listed with that family aged 15 who later grew up and married the Kimball daughter Sara. They were my Grt. Grandather and Grt. Granndmother.

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