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CHADWICK, FRANCIS, STONE, WIGGINS posted by Brenda on Wednesday, June 3, 1998

Are the BROWNs of Rapides Parish the progenitors of the Catahoula Parish BROWNs ? Through scattered probate records in Catahoula, I have pieced together these siblings born 1795-1810 in La.: William md Sarah Bristoe STONE; Rosanna md a WIGGINS; Richard md Ruth WIGGINS; Mary md Joseph FRANCIS; David md Elizabeth CHADWICK. There are BROWNs of Brown's Bend on Bayou Rapides and then there is an abandoned 2-story (barely standing) home, located farther north off of the bayou and Hwy. La. 1200, said to have been built ca 1800 and belonged to the BROWNs. Are these two Rapides groups related ?  To the Catahoula group ? Will exchange descendancy info for ancestry.


I am researching my family that lived in Concordia and Rapides, and  Catahoula. The respective families lived in Rapides for about 15 years. They worked in the logging business and floated logs down the river. The first family is the STALTER family. they came to came to Catahoula in or before 1848. Harriet STALTER and her children, William Andrew, Solomon, David, Joseph and his wife Mary and their son Robert, her daughter Eliza and her husband Robert H. ORMAND. [they were married in Catahoula in 1848]. William Andrew married Catherine KORN from Catahoula and they moved to Rapides. During the Civil War he was one of the first Stagecoach drivers in New Orleans. He worked with Kindred HARVEY his niece's husband. The HARVEY's built and maintained Coaches. During the Civil War Catherine died of fever. William remarried Alice Jane ABRAMS.  The ABRAMS came from Concordia. James ABRAMS married Mary E. WALKER in Concordia. James and Mary E. were dead by 1865 and Alice Jane orphaned. After her marriage to WIlliam A. STALTER they moved to East Texas, Henderson CO. Allied families in LA, HARVEY, ORMAND, KNIGHT, TURNELY, HAWTHORNE, ROTHROCK, Contact me at ayrestmc@aol.com or tcove3867@aol.com

BRINGOL, DAVIS, HINES, MAXWELL, NICHOLS, SMITH posted by Carolyn Guillot-Miller on Sunday, June 7, 1998

Searching my maternal lines: BRINGOL, HINES, SMITH, DAVIS, NICHOLS and MAXWELL.  Many lived in area very close to both parish lines - Avoyelles and Rapides, lived in both parishes. Would be happy to exchange any info ..


I am searching the following names, James ABRAMS who married Mary E. WALKER dau of Nancy WALKER and possibly Joseph. James may be a brother to Abraham ABRAMS. The STALTER famiily, Eliza Jane STALTER who married R H ORMAND in 1848, William A STALTER married Catherine KORN dau of Joshua KORN and Suszanna ROTHROCK in 1853. He later married Alice Jane ABRAMS dau of James and Mary E ABRAMS. The KNIGHT familes, KORN, ROTHROCK, HARVEY, ORMAND, WALKER,   Note William A STALTER b 1827 Ohio, bro Soloman G STALTER, David STALTER, Joseph STALTER and wife Mary unknown, Also researchig the TURNELY family, David STALTER married Mrs. M. A TURNELY in Rapides, Solomon G STALTER married Susan HAWTHORNE, The STALTER boys were children of Eliza or Harriet Elizabeth  STALTER nee GLISON and unknown.

FONTONET, NAQUIN, SONNIER posted by Murphy Miller on Saturday, June 13, 1998

Looking for any information on Olan or Noah NAQUIN. Also looking for information on Ernest SONNIER who was married to Therese Alcina FONTONET (circa 1880s)

DEAN, DREWETT posted by Gerri Drewett on Sunday, June 14, 1998

Looking for information on DREWETT, William, spouse Lathana. Son William Jefferson DREWETT, b:Dec 18,1874. Spouse Mary Louise DEAN.


Looking for any descendants of the following CUDD marriages in Rapides Par. Miss M. F. CUDD to F.M. FORREST 14 Mar 1873 Miss D. M. CUDD to James Monroe PERKINS 14 Nov 1877 Miss Sarah E. CUDD to Jeremiah MCGUIRE 15 Oct 1878 Miss Martha J. CUDD to Columbus F. WILKERSON 5 Nov 1884 Mr. J. E. CUDD to Elizabeth TORRIS / TORRES 10 Jan 1885 Mr. Joseph CUDD to Mary TORRES 15 Aug 1885 Miss E. W. to W. L. WILKERSON 30 Mar 1889 Miss Mary M. CUDD to Milan HEBERT 2 Dec 1891 Waymon CUDD to Mill Willie OWENS 29 Dec 1892 Miss K. E. CUDD to S. H. WILKERSON 21 Oct 1893 Miss M. C. CUDD to O. C. HUNT 31 Jan 1894 Miss Lizzy CUDD to Henry SIMON 13 Mar 1897 Miss Lydia CUDD to William P. POWELL 10 Feb 1908 I am researching the CUDD surname and have ten lines so far. These people are desecendants of the older brother of my ggg-grandfather, Joshua Robert Palmer CUDD. Jack Green Houston Tx jlbgreen@worldnet.att.net

DAIL posted by Joette Myers Head on Saturday, June 20, 1998

I am searching for any information on the surname DAIL, in the Rapides area.  The one date I have is 1831.  Thank you.

KOONCE, MCCOLLISTER, MCNEELY, MORGAN posted by Linda Lawrence on Monday, June 29, 1998

MCNEELY / MORGAN / KOONCE / MCCOLLISTER I need help researching these surnames.  These are my ancestors and many of them resided in the Rapides/Vernon/Winn etc. area.  Please help.  I have a little info not much.

BASS, BRISTER posted by Guy Brister on Sunday, July 5, 1998

Looking for family information for a Moses (?) BASS located in Rapides Parish area around the Civil War...  He may have been captured at Vicksburg during the C W...  One of his daughters later married a Samuel, Jeremiah (Zedediah?) BRISTER...  I am looking for this connection and any information on Moses Bass and his family...

CLARK posted by Molly Urquhart on Wednesday, July 8, 1998

searching for data on descendents of Dr. Kenneth McKenzie CLARK (1827-1882), who moved from Bertie County, NC to settle in Rapides Parish.  Lived at Hardscrabble Plantation with his wife Patty Carnal.I have much information on his family that stayed in NC.

LAMOTTE, POLK posted by V. J. Green on Thursday, July 9, 1998

Searching for infomation on James Leon LAMOTTE, born in the Woodworth, Louisiana area ca.1886.  Was married to Queen Victoria POLK during early 1900's.  West Baton Rouge connection possible.

YAGER, YEAGER posted by James McCarty Yeager on Monday, July 13, 1998

YAGER, YEAGER Seeking info on Civil War service of Clement Browne YEAGER (circa 1839 to circa 1881.) We know he was discharged in 1865 from the 6th Louisiana Cavalry, but surmise he began the war in a different unit as the 6th was not formed until 1864. He was said to have been a Sergeant in the Beat Four Militia of Rapides Parish. Family legend says he "lost the sight of an eye" at Vicksburg, though he is not to be found listed among the parolees captured July 4, 1863. Possibly he had been hospitalized with his wound and sent home, and joined the 6th after some period of recovery from wounds. Candidate units would be 15th La Cav Battalion, 2nd Zouaves Regt, 3rd, 4th, 12th, 17th, 21st, 22nd, 26th, 27th, 29th, or 31st La Infantry Regts, or Catahouula, 30th, 9th or 17th Infantry Battalions. These all served in the Vicksburg campaign. Any mention of him that you can cite will be gratefully received.

CHEVALIER posted by Carol Doyle on Wednesday, July 15, 1998

I am looking for any information on Joseph CHEVALIER, b. 1805, and his wife Elizabeth, b. 1828.  They settled in the Spring Creek community near Melder, La. I am descended through his son, Ovariste CHEVALIER, b. 1850.  I would like to find Joseph's parents and siblings; also Elizabeth's maiden name.  Anybody out there researching the Chevalier family?

BONNER posted by Sheila Moreland on Thursday, July 16, 1998

I'm looking for John S.  BONNER, Sr and Jr. also Andrew J. BONNER. 1860 census listed John Sr living with John Jr and wife.  John Sr. was blind.  John Sr. moved to Shelby County, Tx after the Civil war and Jr. was killed.  I can't find any mention of Andrew and he should have been only about 16.  No mention is found of the mother. I do know that The Bonners of Virginia split over slavery ans some moved to La and Tx.  Sr. was born in Va.  The sons were born in La.

DECKER, PEMBERTON, PEYTONS posted by Bob Peyton on Monday, July 20, 1998

PEYTONS’ 1 Charles Pemberton PEYTON_Sr. > Birth: Nov 1820, Rapids Parish, La > Death: 1860, age: 39 > Father: > Mother: > > He was a farmer. He died in 1860. Death Cert. said he died of Entero > Colitis .Lived at 1105 Magazine at time of death. > > Spouse: Amelia Caroline DECKER > Birth: Aug 1838, New Orleans, La, 2913 Constance > Death: 16 May 1904, age: 65 > Father: John Decker Captain > > Children: Charles PEMBERTON Jr. (1859-1919) >  Mary Ester (1856-) >  Sarah (Sadie)_(Sallie) Miriam (1857-) Any information would be greatly appreciated.

DEPORCUNA, ROUGEAU, THOMASSEE posted by Debbie Thomassee on Friday, July 24, 1998

I am searching for parents of Ozeme THOMASSEE, he married Mary ROUGEAU, daughter of Severain ROUGEAU and Florentine DEPORCUNA,

CALDWELL, SPIKES, WILKERSON posted by Jack Spikes on Sunday, July 26, 1998

I am searching for any information on the following: Carol Cleveland SPIKES, b. Colfax, LA, May 30, 1908, m. Edna CALDWELL, ~1926, Rapides Parish, LA, d. Oct 1974. Richard Cleveland SPIKES, m. Gertrude WILKERSON, resided in Rapides Parish, LA, and owned a small family bakery in Alexandria for years, at least into the late 1930s or early 1940s. Any information would be appreciated.

CAMPBELL, CLARK, HOGAN, MCMURRAY, OVERBEY, SPEIGHTS posted by Heather Overbey Cormier on Sunday, July 26, 1998

I am researcjomg these surnames. OVERBEY, SPEIGHTS, CLARK, CAMPBELL, HOGAN, and MCMURRAY. If anyone has these family names I will gladly share what info I have, and I have quite a bit.

CARPENTER, HEBERT posted by Debbie Carpenter on Tuesday, July 28, 1998

Seeking information on any and all CARPENTER's in Louisiana, especially Isaac CARPENTER born abt. 1775 married to Helene McCullock and their 1st son Isaac "Jack" CARPENTER  born abt. 1806 and 2nd son William CARPENTER who married HEBERT sisters, Rachel & Mary Ann.  They are listed in Rapides Parish census in 1840, 1850 and 1860. If you have a connection, I would appreciate hearing from you.

ROE, WILLINGHAM posted by Shirley Hager on Thursday, July 30, 1998

I am looking for the WILLINGHAM family. Dilworth WILLINGHAM b. 1819 SC and wife Emily Anne ROE b. 1820 La. These are their children: Emily, Sarah, Washington, Rosanna, Morgan, Nancy, Willis, James, John and another James. Dilworth WILLINGHAM was living in Rapides Par. La. in 1850 and 1860... He then moved to Grant Par. La.  I would appreciate any help with this family. Thanks!

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